keen1 W3S3 [ki:n] adj
1¦(want something)¦
4¦(eager to work/learn)¦
[: Old English; Origin: cene]
especially BrE wanting to do something or wanting something to happen very much
= ↑eager keen to do sth
He told Hayling that he was keen to help.
keen on doing sth
I wasn't keen on going there on my own.
keen for sth to happen
The government is keen for peace talks to start again soon.
keen that
The chairman is keen that the company should expand its product range.
2.) ¦(LIKE)¦
be keen on sb/sth
BrE spoken to like someone or something
I'm not keen on cabbage.
not too/not very/not that keen on sth
She likes Biology, but she's not too keen on Physics.
My flatmates want to have a party, but I'm not keen on the idea .
especially BrE someone who is keen on something is very interested in it or enjoys doing it very much
a keen photographer
keen golfers
keen on
Daniel's very keen on tennis.
mad keen on sth
(=very keen on something) spoken
I was mad keen on dinosaurs when I was little.
She takes a keen interest in politics and current affairs.
someone who is keen is eager to work or learn and enjoys doing it
keen students
The kids in my class are all very keen.
She was new in the job and keen as mustard (=very keen) .
a keen sense of smell or keen sight or hearing is an extremely good ability to smell etc
Dogs have a very keen sense of smell.
She has a keen eye for (=is good at noticing) talent.
6.) ¦(MIND)¦
someone with a keen mind is quick to understand things
a keen understanding of commerce
With her keen mind and good business sense, she soon became noticed.
7.) ¦(FEELING)¦
a keen feeling is one that is strong and deep
As she walked away, Joe felt a keen sense of loss.
used to describe a situation in which people compete strongly
We won the contest in the face of keen competition .
BrE be keen on sb
to be sexually attracted to someone
literary a keen knife or blade is extremely sharp
11.) ¦(WIND)¦
old-fashioned a keen wind is cold and strong
12.) ¦(PRICES)¦
BrE keen prices are low
>keenly adv
I was keenly aware of the dangers.
>keenness n [U]
keen 2
keen2 v
[i]old use to sing a loud, sad song for someone who has died

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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